Mouton Label 2011 from Guy de Rougemont

18. November 2013Deutsch

Under the title "lumière de Mouton" ("Light of Mouton") the painter Guy de Rougemont, 78, created this label image of the Mouton 2011 vintage. The very bright and colorful design reflects the darkness of the cellar and the light of the sun, obliquely illuminated with a wide beam through the image. Pictured are snake-like shoots of the vines that capture the light of the Bordelais. The reference to the 2011 vintage is unmistakable, for it was one of the driest and sunniest of the past decades. The colors of the cellar are dominated by the intense purple color of the wine and the strong nose of red fruits.

Guy de Rougemont is a member of the prestigious Académie des Beaux-Arts and famous for his style with bold colors and clear shapes. His cheerfulness and playfulness emitting paintings take credit from Pop Art. Numerous furniture has been designed by him ranging to industrial design.

No question, the really beautiful label will help this rather mediocre vintage for sale. The quality was not bad, but the high price expectations following the century-vintage 2010 were by far too high. The result was one of the worst Primeur campaigns of the past decades.