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Finally the time has come to launch our champagne candles! We have been working on this project for about half a year and we are happy to say that you can now shop all champagne candles online on!

Everything started with a love for champagne and interior, and once the idea was born we did not hesitate a single day and started working on this new product. The idea is simple but creative: we cut the champagne bottles just above the bottle label and polish the edges before filling it with a peony-scented premium soy wax.

It was very important to us to find the best possible materials for our champagne candles in order to manufacture a product of excellence. We are now working together with a glass specialist who cuts the bottles and polishes them carefully. It takes time and an expert to cut glass and we are very pleased to have found someone who manages this handicraft to perfection.

We have tested more wax and wicks than we ever thought possible, and came to the decision to use eco-soy wax and cotton wicks. Soy wax is a huge trend in the USA already and not without a reason. It is made out of pure soybean oil and is therewith 100% vegan. It is free of palm wax, beeswax, paraffin wax and toxic substances. Of course, it is not genetically modified nor tested on animals. But the best is yet to come: soy wax burns a lot cleaner and longer than any other wax. And once your champagne candle is burned down, feel free to send it back for a refill.

We are more than happy to co-operate with lovely champagne houses, they are providing us with bottles and their permission to use them. The variety of beautifully designed bottles labels make this product ever more interesting, as the culture of Champagne is reflected in these different designs. From modern and fashionable to elegant and antique our champagne candles come in all different styles and colors. This precious accessory gives your home a luxury touch and is also the most perfect and individual present for any champagne and lifestyle enthusiast.

Feel free to visit our online shop and enjoy our softly scented champagne candles!

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Auch der Pol Roger 2002 ist ein intensiver, in sich harmonischer Champagner mit der verführerischen Cremigkeit, die so typisch ist für diesen großen Jahrgang. Wenn man die strenge Selektion, den großen Aufwand der Herstellung und die lange Lagerzeit auf der Hefe von rund 10 Jahren betrachtet, dann ist der Preis sensationell, der Unterschied zu den Prestige Cuvées nur noch in Nuancen zu messen. Einer der besten Jahrgangs-Champagner dieses großartigen Hauses.

84,00 €

0,750 l (112,00 €/l)

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Dichtes, undurchdringliches Rubinrot und in der Nase feine schwarze Brombeeren und dezente Schokolade. Toll am Gaumen mit wunderbarer Balance aus Frucht und Säure. Sehr frisch, perfekte Säure und Harmonie. Ein eher leichter Wein mit Balance und Harmonie, den man aber nicht unterschätzen sollte.

42,90 €

0,750 l (57,20 €/l)

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In 2014 war das Wetter ab August zu kühl und zu naß, um das Potenzial für einen großen Jahrgang aufzubauen. Dabei hatte die toskanische Küstenregion sogar noch Glück im Vergleich zu anderen Weinregionen. Diese Wettercharakteristik kann der Sassicaia nicht verleugnen, zeigt aber trotzdem die außerordentliche Klasse seines Terroirs. Ein frischer, sehr feiner und eleganter Finessewein mit erstaunlich viel Druck am Gaumen, feiner Frucht und der Sassicaia-typischen, würzigen Aromatik.

179,00 €

0,750 l (238,67 €/l)